Buffalo Cauliflower


Only way I can eat cauliflower. Thanks to #LKSD for introducing me to this!

I found a recipe online but it required, brown rice flour, garlic powder, salt, etc so I said fuck the recipe and just made my own version.

Honestly all that is unnecessary. I used the hot sauce… The buffalo sauce one. Forget the name, and tossed it in a bowl with cut cauliflower. Stuck it in the oven for 15 minutes tossing it halfway through at 425 degrees.

It was so tasty, I used too much sauce cause now I’m parched. Next time I just need to brush the (ah now I remember) Franks’s Hot Buffalo Sauce on it while in the oven. Not have it be tossed.

Spot Gastropub

Driving around aimlessly looking for a place to eat & this is where we ended up. Random yet coincidence since a friend owns this place.

I was scared to look at the menu cause I thought it would be filled with junk bar food.

Boy was I wrong! They have everything from salads, hummas, cheese plate, burgers, pizza, everything anyone could want! Great for a person like me and great for a normal eater!

Love this place. Its my first visit here and I just found out a mutual friend owns this place. Its where the ramada hotel is on Olympic and east of alvarado. Right across the street from Seoul Garden, the famous Korean shabu shabu restaurant.

Spot has a full bar and offer “social hour” between the hours of 4pm-7pm. 25% off entire menu, 1/2 off all beer, $3 well drinks & 1/2 off specialty cocktails.

When I opened up the menu the cheese plate jumped out at me. Then the hummas and finally the side of asparagus.

The cheese plate wasn’t a gourmet cheese plate that you would see at AOC or anything but had a decent collection. It comes with bauguette but I asked for none. The hummas was ok, 6 out 10, it came with pita but again, none for me. Then the asparagus, can’t get too fancy with that. Grilled, peppered & lightly salted. I liked it cause they were skinny.

Overall this place is awesome! I need to come back during drinking hours!!

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