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If were still living in West Hollywood, I would want to eat here at least once every week. What’s special about Taco Love is that there are no other places like this in Los Angeles. A taco place that isn’t trying to be super authentic and or super American. This place serves delicious tacos, burritos and all else. A bit of a San Diego vibe with the fries in the burritos, but it’s special, very special.

My favorite is the grilled green onions. Not a lot of places serve this. It’s an authentic Mexican side thingy that the real Mexicans do when their big Mexican families get together for a bbq. How do I know? I know a lot of Mexicans and I’ve been to a handful of bbqs hosted by Mexicans. I grew up in Downey, hello!?

What they do is, they lather oil, salt, pepper and lime juice on the green onions (as a whole) and stick it on the grill. Give it some time and it’ll be the best thing you’ve put in your mouth.

Now get your ass to West Hollywood and try their asada burrito and don’t forget to get a side of the grilled green onions!

Taco Love
7980 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046

Also just discovered that they have a Venice location through Yelp



I landed and the first order of business was dinner. I was craving Asian but not Korean. Bear wanted Korean but I said no. I wanted rice and I wanted Thai. 🙂 The food was a take out order since they were closing in 15 minutes. Food just isn’t tasty when it’s taken home. 😦 We ordered the Thai BBQ chicken plate and pad thai no peanuts. This is the best Thai place that’s generic. Other authentic places exist that are way better but I always go with other people so I don’t really know what to order. Ruen Par and Pok Pok are the two I’ve been to that I thought was amazing. Original Thai BBQ is like CPK, consistent and never disappoint!

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Bear wasn’t feeling well so he insisted that we eat Korean + something soupy. My colleague has been telling me about this place in Koreatown that her husband and her frequent since their move to KTOWN.

I asked if they wanted to join and told my husband to meet us there at 7pm. I of course arrived 30 minutes earlier so I went to Cafe Bleu and sat at the bar while I waited.

The food was very traditional and flavorful. The first dish we ordered was some type of beef stew with lots of veggies which I liked. There were braised short ribs, tendon, brisket and ox tail. Tendon was my favorite. We also got the spicy galbi jjim (my husband’s favorite). It tasted better than any other spicy galbi jjim I’ve ever had.

I was more than impressed. What really makes a Korean restaurant stand out is their banchan (side dishes) and this place did NOT disappoint.

Everything was fresh and accompanied the dishes well. I finished my bowl of white rice. oink oink.








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I’ve been seeing and hearing about this spot for a while now and to confirm that I should visit, a friend from New York raved about it a few trips back. I knew I had to go ASAP. It did take me almost half a year since my NY friend told me about it but I made it. Too bad my son was not with us because there were many more dishes I wanted to order. It was just my husband and I and even then, we ordered too much. Everything was exactly what I wanted. Dan Dan noodles were my fave and the pork buns… well, I’ve never had anything like it before and I don’t know why. It was fluffy with a crispy bottom and the pork inside was juice and piping hot. All the other items were amazalicious and I need to figure out when I’ll be going back. I love me some Chinese food and the more authentic it is, I’m hooked. I haven’t been to China, but I imagine it would be piglet heaven for me.

Legend’s Pho #KTOWN

The best authentic pho place in #Koreatown. I was feeling pretty crappy on Sunday. I woke up and asked Bear to go eat pho and his reply was, “#Steelers”.

I started to text my friends. One agreed to come with me to eat.

Bear said he would make me breakfast, but I told him that I will never allow him to make me eat #American food again when I’m #hungover. 😛

I need soup and noodles (and maybe rice). I can’t to eggs and English Muffin!