@EatTacoLove #WEHO @UberEats

My favorite WeHo taco place was on Uber so I was able to order it at the office. It was a bit different than the way it comes at the establishment but I didn’t care.

I freaking love this place and I’m so sad I don’t get to go as often as before.

I really need to move back closer to Taco Love!

And of course I have my habanero sauce from TJ.


Went with a co-worker for a quick lunch since I didn’t have anything to eat. A $20 meal here is better than a $17 meal from #UberEats!

Although my first visit in 2005 and many times after that has been much different. I have not been in several years and came back not too long ago. Second or third time this year and I’ve been disappointed. The pasta wasn’t as dry before, the salad was more flavorful. I visited La Dolce Vita couple weeks ago and the pasta and chopped salad was better than La Scala. It was amazing, I licked my plate, just kidding, I did NOT lick my plate, I just swiped my bread on my plate. Cleaned it up! I don’t think I want to go back to La Scala anymore. My place is going to be La Dolce Vita. 😛


There’s only one reason why I’d be eating a ramen in the am. HANGOVER! Just kidding, not necessarily. I wasn’t as hungover but I did drink a lot so I woke up starving and craving soup. This was Tuesday, starting to be a fatty week for me… Not a good sign.

@TLTFood #ceviche #westwood

I was craving the vegan ceviche from TLT Food in Westwood the other day. I had to go to one of our properties, so I decided to stop by, BUT ONLY if I was able to find street parking easily. It’s near UCLA, so it can get really annoying around there!

Lucky me, I was able to find one right in front! I walked in, ordered the ceviche and was out within 5 minutes. If you go, don’t forget to ask for the hot sauce, it’s really spicy!

Their ceviche is vegan and gluten free. Made with cauliflower and other veggies, it’s refreshing, flavorful and hits all the right textures.


I never understood the hype about poke. I decided to join my colleagues for a lunch outing after they told me they were going to Mainland Poke. An old acquaintance (may have hooked up once a long long time ago) that I ran into at a restaurant during my company’s holiday lunch, told me he owned the place and that I should stop by. I never thought to until it was presented to me, and also I didn’t have to drive. Trying to find parking on 3rd street is just a nightmare as running into an old fling! Assuming he wouldn’t be there, I was excited to try and review the shit out of it.

See the thing is, I like to give honest reviews about establishments. I don’t just give a fluff of an opinion because A. I know a person who is affiliated B. I want to be nice about a new place C. I want to be a food blogger who only has nice things to say like the rest of them so I can get free meals. No, none of that applies to me.

Now my gripe isn’t about Mainland, it’s about the whole poke phenomenon. The dish pictured was about $20 something dollars. To me, that’s not worth $20.

Let me give you a little advice. Go to your local Asian market, preferably Korean. Go buy a thing of tuna (you may have seem my previous posts about DIY spicy tuna at home). Buy all the accompaniments and make your own goddamn poke bowl!

First of all, poke businesses should provide bowls that fit the damn ingredients. I had most of my roe fall on the table trying to mix this bitch. Second, don’t freakin’ rip me off. I always leave these places unsatisfied and poorer than before. Just kidding, my husband pays for my food (well, not this meal), and he’s usually the one that always wants poke… I should really be a good wife and make him my bowls again so I don’t have to watch him spend money on things I don’t want him to… AND he could be saving that $20 and spending it on me, and I’m not talking about food.