#Wedding @TheKellyGallery

Wedding season has started. And though most of my friends are already married with children, my husband’s friends are all engaged or ready to be engaged. This all makes it extra special for me… he leaves for bachelor parties and I get to enjoy the weekend all by myself! Or take the time to visit friends in NY and Colorado. We have two more weddings this year and he has one more bachelor party to attend.

The day was super warm, I forget how hot and humid Kansas gets. I felt the sweat drip from under my tatas and drip down my fat belly, that’s how hot it was. I tried to stay in my seat most of the night since my dress was fitting very tight and my shoes had never been worn. It was the worst combo for a hot humid day. All in all, we had fun, he had the most fun and we enjoyed the #gettinfitched nuptials.

#IslandFishFry #TurksandCaicos

Every Thursday, they have a thing called the Island Fish Fry. Luckily it was right next door to our hotel so we didn’t have to catch a cab to the location. We just walked over along the beach and grabbed some drinks and food.

Conch is everywhere in Turks and Caicos and it’s really yummy… I just imagined myself eating other kinds of seafood while I was here.

All the flavors were perfect, not too overly seasoned and sauces always came on the side. The best part of everything was that it was all very fresh!



@daConchShack #Dinner

The thing I loved about this place wasn’t the food necessarily, it was the ambiance, people and entertainment. Oh and the fact that a guy goes out to the ocean to dive for conch as you order!

Now that’s what I call service! 😛

We ordered the combo of fritters and the cracked conch with fries and peas and rice. We also got the conch salad. I liked the cracked conch the best! I wish the conch salad had more jalapeno peppers. 🙂 I must say, it was the freshest of all the conch salads I had on the island.