#YuzuShabu #Cerritos

Dinner, sushi had a wait.


Dinner was at the communal table, which I enjoyed. I don’t know why but I love eating at a large table with strangers and bumping elbows. We weren’t that close to people here, but usually in Los Angeles, communal tables require touching elbows. 🙂

The lamb shank was amazing and I had to start with that. That’s probably the most memorable item from the restaurant. Well, that and the pimento. The place was crowded and it was a LONG wait for a table. Luckily we found an area to seat four and we went in. Many bottles of wine later, we walked back to our hotel and enjoyed a good night’s rest. I can say, some were feeling a bit hungover the next day. I was not one of them. 😛






Detox Prep

My mom got me so many carrots I had to juice all of it before it went bad.

I juiced containers of carrots and ginseng, carrots and celery and grapefruit juice.

I sliced up apples to make apple juice during the week.







I find that prepping takes the longest so if you don’t want to spend more than 2 hours prepping and juicing, prep one day and juice another.