#Quarantine Day 23 Breakfast

Got sick of my quesadilla so had my husband make an avocado toast with scrambled eggs on an English muffin.


Remember when I used to eat the same thing for lunch all the time because that’s just the way I am when I love something so much…

Well, Orleans and York is the same. I wanted to eat this every day but the distance kept me away. I did have it a few times in a two week span. 😛

Pictured is the gumbo sandwich, NOT WORTH IT.

Stick to the Shrimp Po’Boy.


Probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever put in my mouth. Well after the ones I make at home because nothing is better than it being free.

I love me a shrimp po boy and a good mac salad. This place can’t be togo’d, you have to eat it there and have to take the habanero hot sauce from TJ that I love. They have some Louisiana hot sauce at the store you can use but it’s not the same. Also, don’t forget to ask for the yellow chili peppers.