Holiday Appetizer #KoreanInKansas

Probably the best appetizer I’ve have in a while. My MIL smoked the salmon herself!

She used the Big Green Egg to smoke it in the backyard then followed the directions in the recipe below.

We both agreed that it could’ve used less salmon and more cheese, onions and radish.

If you’re still celebrating, try this dish out, and if not… it’s still great for any gatherings!

Smoked Salmon 7-Layer Dip

How much butter does one person need? @LandOLakesKtchn

Apparently tubs and tubs of it~

Yes, we got extra for our #Thanksgiving #Potluck dishes but that’s just the boxed one. The cream cheese is for the potluck too.

All the butters with the red lids are for us, at home, to eat. #oinkoink

What’s on the menu for our #Potluck? Cream cheese mashed potatoes and candied yams… 🙂

IMG_6686 IMG_6687

Peppered Beef Shank in (Cheap) Red Wine #CrockPot

I had to add the cheap in there since it was a cheap wine.

Maybe that’s why it didn’t taste so great.

I hate red wine/white wine marinated anything.

I like my wine like how I like my man. By itself in it’s natural form.

With that said, I was bothered by the smell illuminating Bear’s apartment since 3:30am.

It called for 8 hours of crock pot time. We put it in at 10:30pm.

The smell bothered me not because the outcome wasn’t good.

The smell of 갈비찜 bothers me too when I cook it over night.

I just don’t like to breathe the smell of cooking while I’m sleeping.

So A. Bear has to provide a bigger home or B. I can’t cook things in the crock pot over night. (At least when I’m spending the night) 😛

It’ll probably be the latter.

Either way, the peppered beef shank was no bueno.

First, I didn’t see any peppering.

Second, I hate putting in veggies for the whole 8 hours of the cooking time because it becomes mash. Which it did.

Celery, onions and garlic.

It was mash.

The sauce was like a Bordelaise sauce.


As you can see in the photo, it doesn’t look appetizing.

Sorry Bear, looks like you’ll be eating this all to yourself.