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When not-in-Southern-California breakfast empire Dunkin’ Donuts revealed plans in July 2013 to change that designation, local fans of its famous coffee and morning sandwiches got a little excited.

Make that very excited, like just-ate-three-jelly-donuts excited: The Massachusetts donut icon has long been on the “move here” wish list of both former East Coasters and SoCalers who’ve sampled its foodstuffs elsewhere.

Yep, it was a “get” we finally got.

Now the chain has revealed the locations of its first four stores in the region, plus one up north. Let’s reveal that first, to build anticipation: Modesto.

As for the four Southern California donutteries? They’ll land in Santa Monica, Whittier, Long Beach, and Downey.“Construction at all five locations will begin this summer, and we expect new restaurants will all open to the public later in 2014.”

The plans to open the quintet of stores are moving at a brisk pace and are, in fact, “ahead of our original expectations,” according to the company. The original target date for the first openings was early 2015.

So cheers to you, doughnut devotees of LBC, Downey, Whitter, and Santa Monica. You may now pull out your calculators and indulge in a little Dunkin’ Donuts math. What? You’re not familiar with Dunkin’ Donuts math? It’s basically how many blocks you can travel to pick up a box of Munchkins and/or a dozen Danishes without changing out of your pajama pants or taking a brush your bedheady hair.

Very serious stuff, for the DD fans of the world. You’re now all officially in that particular map zone. Congratulations.