@PekingDuckHous #NewYork

I love Peking Duck and IDK why I just discovered this heaven on Earth! I was looking for restaurants to eat at few trips ago, but never made it out. The second time I visited NY after discovering this place I had to visit (since I didn’t the trip before.) I have no idea when this place was established but I assume a while ago and I’m still mad at myself for barely getting to it NOW!

We met my friend and his gf for dinner and I had no idea they didn’t serve buns until about an hour before dinner. I was a bit disappointed but I got over it. The beautiful duck arrived in a posing position (which I didn’t take a photo of because they started shaving the meat off before I realized it arrived) with all the accompaniments. Thick cut cucumbers and green onions, tortilla looking thing, hoison sauce and the other dishes. I can’t remember the price but it was a per person price with two entrees and such. We got the broccoli beef and garlic shrimp. Everything was very flavorful and not MSG infused. 😛

I gobbled up two of the wraps and ate as much as I could with the rest of the items.

I was really bummed about not getting an Instagram worthy photo of the duck but a soon as I took a bite of the wrap, I forgot about it. I did get upset when they took the duck away after they made all the wraps. Oh and the cucumbers and green onions.

I love onions, so I of course asked for it back.

Now that I’ve tried this place, this has been added to my #MUSTGO list when I visit NY. My next trip is planned for #MDW, so I cannot wait!!!


@Meatballers #NYC

My first time visiting and I learned that my gf JL had her first date with a meal at this place. Not sure if it was the exact location but this establishment was where her current bf and her had their first sit down meal.

I’m not a fan of meatballs, well ground meat, because it makes me burp and my burps smell. I was quite surprised by their dishes and I didn’t find myself burping after it. Huge plus!!!

My gf ordered the biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon. Great choices. Great service and my all time fave, FULL BAR!


@ShakeShack #BestBirthdayGiftEVER!!!

I don’t ask for much. All I want when I visit NY is Shake Shack and Katz Deli.

The last trips to NY and Vegas, I never got Shake Shack. This time I wanted it and there was no stopping me. Unfortunately, my friend who lives in NY knew all along that we would NOT have time to get Shake Shack during our weekend trip but didn’t tell us and just kept pushing it off. Luckily, her bf’s friend was kind enough to bring it to us. I was so happy and thankful. My friend came through and provided us with the one meal I wanted…

We didn’t even make it to our reservation at Marea. Shake Shack is priority.

Next trip, I must get Shake Shack, of course AND Katz!