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Tagged along with Catalina to a Lancome event at Hotel Bel Air.

I had a champagne cocktail with vodka and pomegranate in it. It was the best drink I’ve ever had. Now my drink is bubbly + a shot of vodka.

We headed to Delilah after… it was packed!

@TLTFood #ceviche #westwood

I was craving the vegan ceviche from TLT Food in Westwood the other day. I had to go to one of our properties, so I decided to stop by, BUT ONLY if I was able to find street parking easily. It’s near UCLA, so it can get really annoying around there!

Lucky me, I was able to find one right in front! I walked in, ordered the ceviche and was out within 5 minutes. If you go, don’t forget to ask for the hot sauce, it’s really spicy!

Their ceviche is vegan and gluten free. Made with cauliflower and other veggies, it’s refreshing, flavorful and hits all the right textures.

Bon Bon Berry Acai Bowl Frozen Yogurt

I needed breakfast and I wanted a smoothie so I found this place on Yelp and got there right at their opening hour, 7am. I had to go to MDR and had just left the gym so I was in a rush. It was 7:02am, and like the crazy person I am, I started peeping through the window/blinds and knocking. I could see that someone was in there moving around. I even snapped a photo and screenshotted it so it can show the time I was there and the unopened status of the business. (I should delete that). 7:05am, he finally opened the door and I ordered the Acai smoothie with granola. It was so tasty and not overpowering. Great breakfast!

Bon Bon Acai Bowl Frozen Yogurt


I enjoy pigging out at Seoul Sausage in DTLA. Mostly because of the full bar.

My favorite dishes are their burger and man fries. Their sausages seem to be tastier than their first location. I just remember my first experience being not that enjoyable. I felt parched after eating their dogs but at the DTLA location it’s not as salty. This is my go to place if I need a full bar and am in DTLA.

@VeggieGrill #Westwood

I love their Summer Sonora Bowl. It has a lot of flavors and I can’t believe I can enjoy a vegan establishment!

I ordered it once and then again yesterday.

Their chicken sandwich wasn’t bad either. Their elote should have came off the cob but whatever. Their carrot cake was very yummy too.

I will be ordering here in the future if I want to stay healthy.








So happy I was able to finally try their burger.

I got the Hickory but next time I shall try the steak burger. I just wished they had onions. They served the drink in a weird paper cup thingy. It was odd. I do love their fries. They have the best fries, EVER!

We also got the banana cream pie and I got the cocnut cream pie to go for Bear but I left it at work and now it’s bad. Oops.