@BoosPhilly @IloveKoreatown

Totally last minute video I decided to do. After #doingJim, we decided to stop by for a quick bite and since I was already there and had my camera… decided to put together a little video. I kept my sunglasses on because I looked like shit. 😛

The food was amazing and they gave huge portions. I’m so bummed it took me this long to finally try it out.

If you like spicy, make sure you go and order The Logan!

@Pineandcrane #SilverLake

I’ve been seeing and hearing about this spot for a while now and to confirm that I should visit, a friend from New York raved about it a few trips back. I knew I had to go ASAP. It did take me almost half a year since my NY friend told me about it but I made it. Too bad my son was not with us because there were many more dishes I wanted to order. It was just my husband and I and even then, we ordered too much. Everything was exactly what I wanted. Dan Dan noodles were my fave and the pork buns… well, I’ve never had anything like it before and I don’t know why. It was fluffy with a crispy bottom and the pork inside was juice and piping hot. All the other items were amazalicious and I need to figure out when I’ll be going back. I love me some Chinese food and the more authentic it is, I’m hooked. I haven’t been to China, but I imagine it would be piglet heaven for me.

@MasaofEchoPark #Pizza

I’m not a fan of Chicago style pizza, but I am a fan of Masa! This place is intimate and the service is by far the best in Los Angeles (which isn’t a fine dining establishment). Everyone was so cheerful and attentive, the quality of every dish was above expectations and it was popping!

Thank god I made a reservation because we had five adults and three children. We ordered two pizzas, (my fave) gnocchi, salad and the bread pudding. By the way, their bread pudding is made from croissants. No wonder it’s so freaking buttery and out of this world. I love bread pudding to begin with so when our friend who frequents this place insisted we order it, I was on board. Little did we know it was made from croissants.

We got the meat lovers pizza and the other was a veggie. I preferred the veggie since Chicago style pizzas are already really heavy. Even their bread (that they serve pre-meal) was tasty.

Now time for me to talk about the gnocchi. Super garlicky, lots of mushrooms and cooked to perfection. I could have eaten the whole plate but I didn’t want to kill my husband that evening and the next day with my toots. 😛

I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait to go back (to a place that’s known for their Chicago style pizza)!!!

Dessert @ChurroBoroughLA

First of all, if you’re reading this, Churro Borough LA, I’m so sorry.

We were waiting outside for our food and I heard a guy yell “Violet” holding two trays of sandwiches.

Jo’s husband ordered other stuff that I didn’t know about so I had no idea there were more coming.

I ran over, unexpectedly and grabbed them from the employee.

I came back out, put it on the table and realized we needed the churro fries. I waited and waited and finally after 10 minutes and two people ahead of me, I got my churro fries order.

When I came back to the table with the fries, Jo’s husband said he also ordered ice cream in a cup.

I had no idea so he went to grab it, but ended up coming back with two ice cream sandwiches.

Oh and when I finally got my churro fries, the guy that handed it to me asked me my name, I answered, “Violet”.

Not thinking why… until Jo’s husband came with OUR order.

I mistakenly heard my name and grabbed someone else’s order!!!!! I was mortified and feeling so bad. We had already eaten through half of it and I was wondering why my sandwich didn’t taste like the Blackberry Cheesecake Sherbet! I didn’t enjoy it because I thought the churro was overpowering. When I tried Jo’s, her Spanish Latte was distinct.

I’m so sorry Churro Borough LA for taking something that wasn’t mine! So sorry to the people who waited too! 😦

I was also hoping that the churro wasn’t hard, and it wasn’t. It feels as if they are at first touch but once you bite into it, it’s flaky and so amazing.

I just wished the ice cream didn’t squish out on the other end every time I took a bite.

I think they should make a churro taco!