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One of the best… and it’s easy and always space at the sushi bar. I don’t think I’ve ever sat at a table…

I must give credit where it’s due, this guy took me there once and I fell in love with the place and quality. I never thought about this until now but how awkward would it be if I went with Bear one day for dinner and I saw him there. So awkward! Well, I hope I don’t ever run into him, but with my luck, and now that I’ve put it out there, I just may. 😛

We always get halibut with yuzu, uni, sweet shrimp, toro, fried shrimp heads, seaweed salad and salmon belly. This time, we ordered udon and amberjack. Both were delicious. I was craving soup since I was sick and it really helped my throat.

If you notice my soy sauce, it’s really pasty. As it should be. I like it very spicy to the point my nose hurts and my scalp tingles. 😉


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I had not been back since they first opened for my cousin’s birthday dinner. I remember the meal being very tasty but I had no reason to go back.

Random dinner with a friend and I enjoyed every dish. Especially the miso seabass and the sashimi.

We arrived 15 minutes before the kitchen was closing and the server informed us that the kitchen was already back up so the food may take a bit longer to come out.

We ended up picking items that didn’t require much cooking time. Oysters, ceviche, seaweed salad, sashimi amongst other things. The miso seabass was the only warm dish we ordered.

I think I want to go back with Bear since he loves Japanese.

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen #JTown

Men Oh Tokushima 456 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

I’ve never been a fan of Japanese ramen. Why? Because it’s so goddamn salty and I look like a blowfish moments after I walk out of the establishment and the next day!

I joined a friend for dinner one night in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles and I was quite surprised by the flavor and the non saltiness.

I ordered the black ramen with a side of their habanero sauce (to make it spicier).

The broth was clean and the habanero sauce was excellent!

Aside from La Brea Ramen, this was the 2nd best Japanese ramen place I had ever been to. 🙂