#ShakeShack #WorkLunch

@MrChow @DineLA

We had a fun lunch on Friday for #DINELA at #MrChow. Of course, our bill came out to way more than the set menu for $25. LOL

Their lychee martini is the best… I will never be having another fun Friday lunch again. It was too expensive for me!


@TheGrill #HolidayLunch

Our department had our holiday (late) lunch at The Grill on the Alley. My favorite place in Beverly Hills. It’s my favorite place because it serves my favorite things.

Cloudy Bay Sauv Blanc + Chicken Pot Pie

I also love a lot of the other things on the menu. We had our late lunch here last year and it almost felt like a tradition until we realized the table setting was uncomfortable due to the growth of our department.

We did our usual white elephant gift exchange and I came home with the gift picked out just for me!


Went with a co-worker for a quick lunch since I didn’t have anything to eat. A $20 meal here is better than a $17 meal from #UberEats!

Although my first visit in 2005 and many times after that has been much different. I have not been in several years and came back not too long ago. Second or third time this year and I’ve been disappointed. The pasta wasn’t as dry before, the salad was more flavorful. I visited La Dolce Vita couple weeks ago and the pasta and chopped salad was better than La Scala. It was amazing, I licked my plate, just kidding, I did NOT lick my plate, I just swiped my bread on my plate. Cleaned it up! I don’t think I want to go back to La Scala anymore. My place is going to be La Dolce Vita. 😛

@VibratoJazz @SethMacFarlane #BelAir

I put my name on the wait list last time I visited the bar to watch Katharine McPhee for Seth MacFarlane. Lucky me, I got the call on Thursday for an opening. 🙂 He made an appearance during her performance and I really wanted to watch him live. I had watched him on the Sinatra’s 100th Tribute show on television and was amazed by his voice.

Unfortunately, my husband was not able to join. Since he has class every Mondays and Wednesdays, I ended up taking my friend CS. We enjoyed two bottles of this amazing sauvignon blanc, lobster mac & cheese, beet salad and shrimp cocktail. We enjoyed the music, his signing and the band for a hour and was sad when it ended. I can’t wait to go back. These moments are priceless and I don’t have enough of them in my life!