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I had some KT roja sauce left so my brilliant ass decided I needed a kick to my burger (and fries). Not, did I make the right choice! I’m not a huge fan of In N Out so I needed a little oomph.

The red sauce definitely was the missing component. I need everything spicy and the chili peppers just aren’t enough.

Snap Recipe

My husband bought a rotisserie chicken from the market. I bought a whole uncooked chicken to cook in the crock pot because I find the precooked chickens to have a lot of sodium.

We had leftovers, lots of it because he ATE MY CHICKEN. He made me a wrap with his sodium filled one, one night.

Flour tortilla, rotisserie chicken, white rice, mayo, tomatoes and onions. I didn’t know what to expect because he used the Korean rice, but it was so tasty!

The mayo was a bit weird too but all together it was kind of amazing.

The next night, I made one for myself. It was not as good as when he made it, but still appetizing. So if you are interested, find the recipe below! On my tongue! Ha!

Best Soon ToFu #Chodang #Cerritos

I love me some BCD but my favorite soon tofu place is in Cerritos (actually Norwalk, CA). Chodang (12245 Artesia Blvd, Cerritos, CA 90703)

I used to come to this place with my mom a lot. My reasons for choosing specific Korean restaurants as my favorite has a lot to do with their banchan selections. This place in particular has the best one. I love the seasoned cucumbers and Chodang serves the best one in Souther California. The combination of white rice, soon tofu and the crunch of the cucumber makes for a perfect bite.

BCD does not have this side dish and although they have a plain picked version of cucumbers, I like mine with a little bit of flavor and spice.

It was a cold day and I was coming down with a cold so I wanted something soupy and spicy. I dragged my American husband to Cerritos to have dinner and even convinced him to order a third dish so we could share. I don’t know what it is about noodles but I had to have it. We ordered the seafood kalgooksoo (pictured in the center) and we literally only had a few bites. 🙂

He insisted on taking the rest home but I was reluctant to ask for a togo container because NO ONE takes leftovers noodles home. NO ONE.

He still did. Whether he ate is or not, was not my problem. 😛




Last year, I ate out a lot. Including my meals at the office and outside the office. This year, I started to pack my lunch to work. Bear has been prepping it for me and I’ve saved a lot of money.

Spending $15 on lunch daily was not okay for my bank account.

My favorite place was Walter’s Cafe and it makes me sad since I don’t eat it at all.

I haven’t gone to do Jim in the ams but I wonder if I’ll need to start ordering breakfast again when I do start.

If you’re ever in Beverly Hills, please go feed yourself a Walter’s Cafe breakfast burrito. It’s delicious.

Leftovers #Fajitas

I ordered chicken fajitas from Walter’s Cafe for lunch and ate the rest the next day. I was quite surprised by the quality and taste of this dish. I didn’t think it would be tasty and would taste generic or shall I say “Americanized” but it wasn’t. It was actually very Mexican. 🙂