Wynn Buffet Dessert

I was so full but had to try the dessert.

I just took a bite of everything.

Its uncomfortable to even breathe right now.

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Started with the warm goat cheese arugula salad & GG Pear on the rox.

Veggie Bolognese wheat pasta & proscuitto pizza.

All was AMAZING!! The pizza was delicious! I’ve been wanting to eat pizza for the longest time and Vegas allowed me to cheat!

My 2nd drink was Hanger 1 Mandarin on the rox and dessert was a nutella filled beignet (can’t spell) with a whipped cream dip.

A casual dining with spectacular dishes….

I want the pizza again!

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room serVICE

I have a weakness.

And that’s room service.

I love being in hotels and the best thing about it is that I never have the leave the room!

I love room service food and can chill inside all day and veg out.

I didn’t want to go over board so oatmeal with berries & brown sugar was my 1st choice. 2nd was the all egg white omelette with goat cheese, onions, turkey sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms & jalepenos.

I didn’t get my usual vacation first meal beverage (mimosa) but I didn’t want to start too early. 😉

Food was perfect, clean & delicious. But mostly healthy!

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