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Stopped by to drop off our 2015 Annual Report to the owner Stephane. Since we did a Q&A with him, I wanted to make sure he got some copies. I happened to stop by when he was catering the media outlets to the new drinks and menu items! Lucky me! šŸ˜›

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Two years ago, when Jo and I saw posts about Diner en Blanc on social media on Rodeo Drive (literally) we were so FOMO’ing. This year, we got the invitation a week before and we were scatter brained trying to get thing organized. It was NOT enough time to get our outfits together and collect all the necessary items to have to enjoy our dinner with 1000+ people in a public area. We needed to bring EVERYTHING, except, well our alcohol.

We picked up caviar from Petrossian and charcuterie from Silver Lake Wine and Cheese. We rented chairs and bought tables and crap on Amazon and did one day shipping. (Thank you Amazon Prime)!

By the time we arrived to the bus meetup place, we were sweating and not happy. The bus ride to our secret location was annoying. We had to carry ALL our stuff onto the bus cause it ran out of space in their cargo area. Two chairs, one table, hand cart, ice cooler, bag, our purses and other misc. stuffs. We arrived to a not so special location and we were bummed. The line to get our alcohol was super long and hectic but by the time we got to our table and downed two glasses, we were happy and forgot about all the bumblefuck we just went through.

Would we do it again? Yes, one more time the next time around but if the location is just as shitty, we are never going back.

Pershing Square is a public park where bums hang out and office people in the area go there to eat lunch without any restrictions. How is that cool?

Two years ago, they blocked off Rodeo Drive! Now that’s cool! I wanted it to be a novelty location and have street closures. Well, it wasn’t and we didn’t have to follow the rules exactly. No one check. We’re going to be smarter next year and we’re coming with tons of other people. We wanted to meet new friends but everyone was already in their group and we did run into some friends but they didn’t seem to be as buzzed as us.

As usual we ordred two champagnes and finished it off. šŸ˜›










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Ā So many not pictured because it was my first meal with my new team (co-workers) and I didn’t want to be THAT Asian.

Although my purpose for documenting is far better than the rest… people do get weirded out.

Mr. C Hotel. Mr. C Restaurant by the pool.

It was out holiday lunch before the break and we enjoyed many cocktails and great appetizers.

We started off with Pizza Mr. C with Burrata, Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and Rucola, Classic Beef Carpaccio alla Cipriani, Calamari with Tartar Sauce, Baby Artichoke and Avocado Salad with Shaved Parmesan and Tuna Tartare with Tonnato Sauce.

For our entrees, we hadĀ Prime Beef Cheeseburger with French Fries,Ā Homemade Potato Gnocchi alla Bolognese,Ā Tagliardi with Veal RagĆŗ, two orders ofĀ Prime Beef Bone In Dry Aged Rib-Eye served with Broccolini,Ā Baked Tagliolini “Kamut” with Wild Mushrooms,Ā Organic Chicken Salad,Ā Organic Chicken “al Mattone” served with Roasted Potatoes and so much more or not… these are all the ones I remember.

Food was not as great as I imagined it to be. The Mr. C Cocktail was simply divine though.

Vodka and Prosecco? Amazing!





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A random #dinnerdate.

Went to my CPA’s office, went to Beer Belly for dinner but they were closed.

Saw a friend’s #ig post and decided to make an #opentable reservation.

Dinner was amazing.

Thank you Stephane!

One of the best desserts I’ve ever had.

It starts with S, something with coconut sherbet and almond sponge.

Seriously so decadent but light.