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@TLTFood #ceviche #westwood

I was craving the vegan ceviche from TLT Food in Westwood the other day. I had to go to one of our properties, so I decided to stop by, BUT ONLY if I was able to find street parking easily. It’s near UCLA, so it can get really annoying around there!

Lucky me, I was able to find one right in front! I walked in, ordered the ceviche and was out within 5 minutes. If you go, don’t forget to ask for the hot sauce, it’s really spicy!

Their ceviche is vegan and gluten free. Made with cauliflower and other veggies, it’s refreshing, flavorful and hits all the right textures.

@Slaters5050 #pigletventures

You know when you’ve had an exceptional burger… you immediately feel like you can’t breathe after consuming it! 😛 Just kidding, that is a horrible thing to say about eating burgers. I just became an American but like any other American born soul, I love burgers. Backyard bbqs, fast food, chain restaurants, food trucks, fine dining, wherever they serve a burger, I will eat it.

Slater’s is a place that I can visit anytime and know that I’ll walk out of there satisfied. At a place like this, it’s great to have the option to pick and choose your own style, but their recommended concoctions are probably the best. People try to get all fancy and cool by creating their own but most of the time, all your ingredients don’t go together. Remember that!~


Bowled and Beautiful #foodtruck

This food truck came near the office and I wish I didn’t waste $15.00 on it. I barely ate it because…

1. It tasted like shit
2. It was hard to eat, everything was falling over because the bowl was too small for everything in it
3. It wasn’t as spicy as advertised
4. It tasted like shit

Not to be so mean about it but I don’t really have expectations from food trucks but all the Americans white people loved it at my office. I should have known better. Maybe my tastebuds aren’t as refined or is more refined, who gives a fuck. To each his/her own.

#IslandFishFry #TurksandCaicos

Every Thursday, they have a thing called the Island Fish Fry. Luckily it was right next door to our hotel so we didn’t have to catch a cab to the location. We just walked over along the beach and grabbed some drinks and food.

Conch is everywhere in Turks and Caicos and it’s really yummy… I just imagined myself eating other kinds of seafood while I was here.

All the flavors were perfect, not too overly seasoned and sauces always came on the side. The best part of everything was that it was all very fresh!