@OGSgtPepperonis Stop

Every weekend we pick up my son and HAVE TO stop by our favorite pizza joint. Husband likes the Hawai’i Five O and son likes the Buffalo Chicken. I am all over the place with cheese, works, pepperoni, and the Bronx Bomber.

We try to always stop by on the way to pick him up and dropping him off but sometimes it’s hard. But at least once a round trip!

@INNOUT @KingTaco_LA #FastFoodMashUp

I had some KT roja sauce left so my brilliant ass decided I needed a kick to my burger (and fries). Not, did I make the right choice! I’m not a huge fan of In N Out so I needed a little oomph.

The red sauce definitely was the missing component. I need everything spicy and the chili peppers just aren’t enough.

@downeypizzaco #pastrami

Downey has a gem. A little pizza shop that serves pastrami pizza. Personally I’m more into the veggie pizza but Bear LOVES the pastrami.

I used to love it but my tastebuds have recently changed. For example, now I enjoy pizzas with artichokes!

@BlazePizza @DesertHillsPO

What I love about eating in groups is that I end up trying thing I’d never order myself.

I never used to get artichoke on my pizza and or grill artichokes at a restaurant. With my Babes Who Dine crew, we always order grilled artichokes and I’ve gotten accustom to the flavor and enjoy it very much. I decided to get it on my pizza last time at Blaze at the outlet and now it’s my go to topping.

I like to stick to veggie toppings lately… today is mushroom, onion and artichoke. The pepperoni side is Bear’s.


Probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever put in my mouth. Well after the ones I make at home because nothing is better than it being free.

I love me a shrimp po boy and a good mac salad. This place can’t be togo’d, you have to eat it there and have to take the habanero hot sauce from TJ that I love. They have some Louisiana hot sauce at the store you can use but it’s not the same. Also, don’t forget to ask for the yellow chili peppers.