#Roadie @UnionWine #Leawood #kansas

I had tried the pinot gris at #lksddowney and loved it. NEVER knew they had a rose version until we visited Lukas Liquor while visiting my in-laws in Leawood, Kansas. We had a wedding to go to on Saturday and I picked up two cans for the trip. I only needed one because it’s about two full glasses per can. I will say, I do like the pinot gris better than the rose but both are quite divine. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a roadie before and I was extremely happy about the convenience of this drink. I hope they make a sparkling wine version, I’d be all over that!


The crazy thing about UberEats is that the quality of the food after it’s arrival is always disappointing, but it’s so freakin’ convenient that I can’t help but order from here. This dish was not spectacular but I ate it all of course. It was a bit salty and I’ve never seen a ramen without the soup. I needed Asian and I wanted it quick.

Bowled and Beautiful #foodtruck

This food truck came near the office and I wish I didn’t waste $15.00 on it. I barely ate it because…

1. It tasted like shit
2. It was hard to eat, everything was falling over because the bowl was too small for everything in it
3. It wasn’t as spicy as advertised
4. It tasted like shit

Not to be so mean about it but I don’t really have expectations from food trucks but all the Americans white people loved it at my office. I should have known better. Maybe my tastebuds aren’t as refined or is more refined, who gives a fuck. To each his/her own.

Walter’s Cafe

I stopped buying food at the office because if I didn’t I would spend $15/day which equal to $60/week, $240/month, almost $3,000 a year. That’s more than my gym membership a year and I can’t spend more on food at the office than I do for my membership! That doesn’t really matter but I don’t like it. I try to pack my food every day.

I’ve been on a raw detox, so I just eat fruit and veggies throughout the day and eat as little as I can.

There are those day it’s harder. 😦


Every Wednesday we get free lunch at the office. 😀

It’s the best day ever because the rest of the week, I’m eating kale, quinoa, broccoli, corn and salsa.

One week, we had Lemonade and I know everyone and their mom loves this place but I find it to be disgusting. I’ve been three times and every time I seemed to have picked the wrong items. There were just too many flavor profiles and ones that I really don’t like together. I should just stick to fast food. 😛

As you can see I ordered what I knew couldn’t be bad. Rice, mac & cheese and chicken pot pie, although I didn’t get the pie part. Just the insides. I had to drench it with my habanero hot sauce of course.

@ZPizza #WeHO

My favorite pizza of all time. Why? Because they use motherfucking serranos!!!! Not jalapenos, SERRANOS! Spicier pepper and it’s fresh, not pickled. I love Hawaiian pizzas and this one is special because they don’t use tomato sauce. They use a BBQ sauce and it’s thin crust. This is my favorite pizza place in Los Angeles.


Last year, I ate out a lot. Including my meals at the office and outside the office. This year, I started to pack my lunch to work. Bear has been prepping it for me and I’ve saved a lot of money.

Spending $15 on lunch daily was not okay for my bank account.

My favorite place was Walter’s Cafe and it makes me sad since I don’t eat it at all.

I haven’t gone to do Jim in the ams but I wonder if I’ll need to start ordering breakfast again when I do start.

If you’re ever in Beverly Hills, please go feed yourself a Walter’s Cafe breakfast burrito. It’s delicious.

@ShakeShack #BestBirthdayGiftEVER!!!

I don’t ask for much. All I want when I visit NY is Shake Shack and Katz Deli.

The last trips to NY and Vegas, I never got Shake Shack. This time I wanted it and there was no stopping me. Unfortunately, my friend who lives in NY knew all along that we would NOT have time to get Shake Shack during our weekend trip but didn’t tell us and just kept pushing it off. Luckily, her bf’s friend was kind enough to bring it to us. I was so happy and thankful. My friend came through and provided us with the one meal I wanted…

We didn’t even make it to our reservation at Marea. Shake Shack is priority.

Next trip, I must get Shake Shack, of course AND Katz!