#MoCafe #Weho

Picked up a chicken wrap before heading to the office on Sunday, it was a chipotle something… It was so good, I scarfed down the whole thing!



Starting the week again with prepping my food. This time I switched it up a bit. I got baby Cornish hens and baked it. I figure this would be a better option. And I feel some sort of joy in ripping off the meat off the bone. I also love the cartilage and I get to play with the wish bones! 😛

My trainer said I could eat dark meat. I figure I’m not trying to be in a bikini contest and also I’m not obese. 🙂






@myfitfoods #Obsessed!

Just discovered this amazing place via my trainer.

He mentioned it over our workout so we decided to pick some up after. They have three locations now but I’m sure will have much more in the near future.

This place has refrigerators on one side with all meals necessary for a healthy living.

Snacks. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

I picked up chili for Bear and this cilantro lime turkey for my lunch.

OMGOOOODDDNNEEESSSS… this plate was so delicious and very filling. The turkey was bursting with flavor and spices. I brought my leftover aji from few nights ago to complement my meal. Didn’t really need it, but as you all know, I’m a condiment whore.

My Fit Foods, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Can someone get me their gift card for Christmas?