Buffalo Chicken Chowder

BEST SOUP I’VE HAD EVER! I had to look up with Whole 30 was, apparently it’s great for you. So there it is.

I of course made my tweaks to make it spicier and have some texture. I added corn (from the cob) and blended the soup with fresh habanero peppers for that extra kick.

Well, not me, my husband, Bear. He meal preps for me. I love this soup because it’s hearty, flavorful and filling.

I also realized that it’s so good with a side of corn tortilla. This flavor is a combination of pan roast meets tortilla soup meets a Thai coconut curry.

My favorite ingredients in this soup are below… they really make the taste of this soup something like you’ve never tasted before.

Coconut Cream
Frank’s Red Hot

All you need is a pot or a slow cooker. I didn’t have an immersion blender so I just used my smoothie blender.

We just pack it in a microwaveable to go bowl and I eat it at work.



I landed and the first order of business was dinner. I was craving Asian but not Korean. Bear wanted Korean but I said no. I wanted rice and I wanted Thai. 🙂 The food was a take out order since they were closing in 15 minutes. Food just isn’t tasty when it’s taken home. 😦 We ordered the Thai BBQ chicken plate and pad thai no peanuts. This is the best Thai place that’s generic. Other authentic places exist that are way better but I always go with other people so I don’t really know what to order. Ruen Par and Pok Pok are the two I’ve been to that I thought was amazing. Original Thai BBQ is like CPK, consistent and never disappoint!

@ShopHouseTweets #AsianBowl

This place is so amazing! went for lunch on Thursday while in Westwood and I got the spicy beef bowl that’s listed on the menu. It was noddles, beef, green beans and a spicy curry! Omg I hope they open this establishment in DTLA because I know Bear would love it!

It’s like Chipotle but with Asian selections.

Apparently Chipotle is the owner. It’s a great concept. I’m in love!

Maybe I should buy and have a corporation! IMG_9743

@myfitfoods #Obsessed!

Just discovered this amazing place via my trainer.

He mentioned it over our workout so we decided to pick some up after. They have three locations now but I’m sure will have much more in the near future.

This place has refrigerators on one side with all meals necessary for a healthy living.

Snacks. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

I picked up chili for Bear and this cilantro lime turkey for my lunch.

OMGOOOODDDNNEEESSSS… this plate was so delicious and very filling. The turkey was bursting with flavor and spices. I brought my leftover aji from few nights ago to complement my meal. Didn’t really need it, but as you all know, I’m a condiment whore.

My Fit Foods, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Can someone get me their gift card for Christmas?