My favorite of all! I have been on a diet lately because I’m so fat but this is my guilty pleasure. If you don’t live in Southern California, I swear to GOD, his has to be on your #mustTRY list of places to visit while you visit. Los Angeles & Orange County offers a plethora of dessert options, but nothing compares to this glazed donut with ice cream shoved in between the buns, MILK BUNS, is what they call it.

I still haven’t figured out how they heat the buns up after placing the scoop of ice cream on it but I will one day because I’m dying to know. It is such a secret that they have the music bumping and they do it behind a wall where no one can see. Maybe the fly on the wall, but that sucker can’t communicate. 😛

Not only is their item delicious because of the combination, but their ice cream is homemade and their flavors are incomparable to what’s out there.

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