@RedondoBeach #Pier

I always go to Pacific Fish Center (the one all the way down at the end of the pier). My friend JL goes to the one at the beginning of the pier. I used to go there with my family when a family friend owned in back in the 90’s but not as an adult.

For sure the quality at the restaurant at the end of the pier is more my liking. The service, cleanliness and quality seems to be slightly better at Pacific.

But then my friend and I order different things at both the restaurants so I can’t say about the stew.

Any meal that includes fresh seafood is always a plus so I enjoyed my dining experience much more than I would eating at a non-seafood place.

My favorite is the amaebi, sweet shrimp. Especially the fried heads.

I always try to take rubber gloves when I go and of course that was taught by a friend who is no longer in my life. Probably the only good thing I was able to take away from that friendship. ha!

Redondo Beach Pier offers may selections of seafood cuisines, but Pacific is one place you must try. 🙂











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