@Abigaile #HermosaBeach

No reservations were made but we were able to find a spot at the bar and order a bottle of Chandon Brut Sparkling for $44 and the hamachi appetizer. Both were super refreshing and held us over until we got seated. I was so surprised that the hamachi dish wasn’t drenched in sauce and we were still able to taste the freshness of the fish. Good job, chef!

As for the rest of the dishes… I was impressed by everything.

Must GET the prawns with greens, it was one of the best dishes I’ve had in a while. What I hate about these new establishments these days is that they are so big on the hype and social media outreach that their food quality usually sucks. This place was a nice surprise for my birthday dinner with Terry. we also got the bone marrow which was juciy and greasy and the toast was very buttery (just the way I like it). I believe they toasted it on the pan with an inch of butter! 😛 The prime rib was great too but we were thrown off by the mushroom ragout. It almost tasted like barbeque sauce and if we weren’t already buzzed and noticed the description in the menu, we would have asked for it on the side. The fries that accompanied the steak were truffle Parmesan. Imagine In N Out fries with those flavors… and I don’t even like In N Out fries but these were unstoppable…

I really want to go back and have the prawn dish again. Oh and the bottle of champ.











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