Ray’s and Stark Bar @Patina_Group #DineLA

My second visit to this restaurant and another disappointment. Why is mostly everything served really salty?

We came for Dine LA for the last supper with my husband and BIL (brother in law).

I got the salad (which was fine) but the pork belly in the dish tasted like the pig only drank salt water their whole life. I also got the lobster roll which came on a hot dog bun and some of the lobster pieces were completely raw. I had a bite and pushed it across to my husband to try. The server came over and asked if everything was okay and I said I was full. Which I was and also, it was not appetizing. The mix/marinade was salty and I didn’t want another dish brought out to me since I was already stuffed.

Ladyfinger cake was okay, the block of chocolate was better. But if you ate that whole block you would need a 2L bottle of coke to wash it down since it was rich.











One thought on “Ray’s and Stark Bar @Patina_Group #DineLA

  1. You are a trooper to give them a second go around. We just did “dinner with a twist” and it was a great way to taste test a ton of LA chefs. If you can go next time it’s worth it! Asthecrowsfly.com/LA-times xx~LL

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