@QuartersKBBQ #FirstTime

I saw everyone and their mom post Quarters on their IG. I finally made it and I must say, I love it!

It’s nostalgic because I spent many years there when it was Intercrew, drinking underage and celebrating my teen birthdays with soju and crown. 😛

I love this place because their portions are in 1/4s. Which is perfect for date night situations. Bear doesn’t eat much so every time we’d go to KBBQ, I wouldn’t be able to order everything I wanted. (Ggotssal, Ribeye, Tongue, Pork Jowl…) at Quarters, we got everything! The meat quality is superb and the service is FUCKING on point!

I also love that they have a full bar, I got myself two Kettle One Vodka on the rocks with limes. Not at the same time, just 10 minutes apart from one another. 😛

The nacho cheese with the Ggotssal tasted like Yoplait Yogurt, but with the Pork Jowl, it was indescribably magical. 

They don’t have rice or radish wraps but it’s ok, you’re there for the quality of meat… Got IT???

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