@CafeMaji #Heavenly #Affogato

We had planned on meeting the officiant near his place of residence and when he told us it was in Arcadia, I knew exactly where I wanted to meet.

I saw this #SnowAffogato through Remil months ago and I had to have it.

But when would I go to Arcadia to sit at a coffee shop? NEVER!

At first the officiant suggested a Starbucks. I said, no thank you.

This amazing work of art is an Affogato. To be specific, a #SnowAffogato. The big white cloud is cotton candy, sitting atop two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso on the side.

As you pour the espresso onto the cotton candy, the cotton candy deflates and becomes a crystallized sugary gooey goodness.

The combination of that, ice cream and espresso is indescribable. It’s just as tasty as it looks.

Although I’m disappointed in the number of likes I didn’t get on my instagram, I will never forget the memory of this experience.


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