Remember when I used to eat the same thing for lunch all the time because that’s just the way I am when I love something so much…

Well, Orleans and York is the same. I wanted to eat this every day but the distance kept me away. I did have it a few times in a two week span. 😛

Pictured is the gumbo sandwich, NOT WORTH IT.

Stick to the Shrimp Po’Boy.


Abe & Louie’s #Boston

Our first dinner was a recommendation by a colleague. The food was amazing but the service was horrible. It took the servers 30 minutes to get us our wine bottle. THIRTY MINUTES!!! Our bread, salad and soup had already been out…

Boston overall, was a horrible experience. Every restaurant we went to had horrible service. Was it because I was Asian? Was it because I was with a white man? I don’t think so because I saw so many interracial couples there! I was almost embarrassed because I didn’t want to be one of them.



Probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever put in my mouth. Well after the ones I make at home because nothing is better than it being free.

I love me a shrimp po boy and a good mac salad. This place can’t be togo’d, you have to eat it there and have to take the habanero hot sauce from TJ that I love. They have some Louisiana hot sauce at the store you can use but it’s not the same. Also, don’t forget to ask for the yellow chili peppers.


@MikesPastry #Boston

This was the one of the places that was recommended by several people. The line was ridiculous every time we went by, luckily we were able to get a box of pastries. My favorite was the elephant trunk lobster tail. The cream was the best part, the pastry itself was a bit hard and ripped the roof of my mouth… however, I managed to finish the entire thing.