When my family was still together… when we all lived in Downey, we frequented this restaurant. Almost every week, I want to say. I remember enjoying all their dishes so much and I would look forward to eating here. I especially loved the fortune cookies growing up.

I hadn’t been back in so long and I was craving black bean noodles. (I see a place called Mr. Lee’s does better).

For two people, we ordered a lot of food. But you know, I like variety.

The sucky part about this meal was that I woke up super swollen and even immediately after, I was bloated. I can always tell by my midi rings. They fit so tight that I need to remove them. (I usually don’t, EVER.)

Are there Chines/Korean restaurants that do not use MSG? I’d love to know because I seem to get swollen, every time I eat Chinese/Korean cuisine.

This places used to be bomb.com, now it’s just painful. I can enjoy a meal while shoveling it down my throat but if it makes me feel like shit even 12 hours after, we have a problem.





We celebrated a colleague’s birthday at AOC for lunch. Had only been there for dinner and drinks so I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the meal.

I was obviously so drunk the times before so it didn’t count. My sandwich was amazing, that’s why there are two photos, ha!

They moved to a new location, my 2nd time at the new spot, and once before at the old spot.

Nobody knew about the move. But of course I did. ;)

@DinTaiFungUSA @SouthCoastPlaza

Is it possible to order too much food? Yes, it is and it is a crime I always commit.

I believe this was shared among three people. Always get the cucumber, always get the dumplings, always get alcohol. :P

South Coast Plaza location is crazy. The wait is always a minimum of 2 hours and I still go. Gives me a reason to eat something yummy AND shop a little before I eat. I gotta make sure I burn enough calories walking around and trying stuff on before consuming all this food! :)








Been MIA and I’m Sorry

I wanted to post, I uploaded all my food photos to post, I’be been saving all my food photos to upload… but I’ve been slacking.
Some of you may already know, but I started a new job and I’ve had no time. Aside from working 10+ hours a day, I’ve bee still attending my online University. With hw and social life and no time to blog, I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.

I will try to at least post one a day. I love sharing information and my opinion on things and I haven’t been. A piece of me has been missing and I miss it too.

I did however start a new instagram page. I dedicated it to my #pigletventures and the act of me shoveling food in my mouth. All gifs, all in fun. Please don’t take it the wrong way.

My new #IG page is @PigletVentures. So, please forgive me and give me a follow! I still love to eat!