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I craved Chipotle again, so we went and waited 30 minutes at the USC location like the rest of the Chipotle addicts. 

Bear got chicken in his this time. His change in protein made me question my choice but I just stuck with my usual. Well I should say, Bear’s usual. :P

I took a photo of both the insides of our burritos. You’ll see the difference. His is a warm burrito, mine is a cold. Life goes on, Yin and Yang.

I of course took multiple bites of him. When I got full I put the rest away and watched Bear take his last bites. I was watching him to see if he would leave a bite or two to toss cause he was full so I can intercept and eat the rest. He didn’t waste anything. My heart broke a little inside. :(

I wish they had a spicier salsa.

His burrito…

My burrito…

@CassellsBurger #DateNight #KTOWN

I’ve been wanting to come here for the longest time. There are very few places that exceed my expection when I do finally get to try it.

This place for instance, it was great, but something was missing. 


And the fact that I was in a rush to get home was a factor. We left our home in DTLA at 8pm, we gt back home at 9pm. Imagine how rushed we were! On a Saturday evening especially with all these drunkards trying to get to bars to start their night! 

I got the 1/3 cheeseburger and Bear got the ham and grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup. I enjoyed his plate better. The five dishes of sides were a great addition. I was stumped on whether or not I should get the mac salad or the potato salad. (The only reason why I even bothered about the potato salad was the horseradish in the description.) Luckily, the server informed us on all our sides! :) The mac salad and coleslaw wasn’t impressive. No flavor. I throughly enjoyed the potato salad and chips. Two things i usually don’t care for! The aioli was good too, I used it on every bite of my burger. 

I definitely want to go back when I have more that 30 minutes to eat. I need to have enough time to try their pies!!!