Late Night Snack

In bed last night and I was craving something to eat… again.

I knew Bear Baby had made a tuna mix for lunch earlier that day so I asked to make me a half.

I was really curious how he used the basil. Personally I hate basil so I didn’t think I would like it. At first bite I was in love.

Apparently his mommy used to make it like this and now so will I! Something about the fishy tuna and cool basil leaf makes it the perfect combo. Of course the mayo helps.

I asked for a second half sandwich with chips after I swallowed the first in three bites.

Mix tuna, chopped basil and mayo and use as desired.




I like to believe that I make the best spaghetti in the world.

Of course, my Bear Baby makes me believe that I do! :)

I haven’t cooked in so long and I thought I’d kick off by cooking my spaghetti.

I always had leftover sauce because I never mastered portion sizing so I used to eat the leftovers with white rice.

It was the best thing in the world. I started to share my spaghetti sauce and rice with all my friends and now that’s the only way they like it.

Case in point… Bear Baby ate his with rice last night. I still like the noodles so I made pasta for myself and rice for him.

Btw, this is the thickest, grossest looking ground beef I’ve ever seen.

All that goes into the sauce are, onions, jalapenos, whole garlic, pepper and ground meat.

The minced garlic is used when the ground beef is cooking.

Everything else goes in after the sauce. I try to add the onions in last so it’s still crunchy but it’s always a hit or miss.

I like it to simmer for a while so either I’ll end up putting it in assuming it’ll be taken off the stove soon or get too impatient and throw them in there. :P

I figure, when I go back for seconds or leftovers, it’ll cook again so it’ll never really be crunchy.

I’ve never cooked these before and didn’t know what to expect, but I loved it!!!




The best garlic bread ever! Of course, if you’re not making them from scratch.