Honey Pig #꿀돼지 #ktown

Dinner at Honey Pig (first time for Bear Baby). I was impressed, I never actually liked Honey Pig, so when Bear Baby suggested it, I wasn’t too thrilled. But since I left him home alone all day while I spent the day with Jo and Terry, I felt I had to oblige to his request. Jo and I got there a little inebriated. We ordered two orders of the black pork belly, soy bean soup, mushroom plate, Makkoli (makgeolli, makgoli), Cass beer and dongchimi noodles. I never enjoyed a #KBBQ meal better than last night’s at Honey Pig.

The noodles were out of this world and the meat was perfect. Although we didn’t drink much of the alcohol, we enjoyed everything else very much.

I especially loved the crunchy bean sprouts at the end of the meal with the kimchi fried rice.

The grilled kimchi was especially yummy.




@LemonadeLA @USC

It was one of my boss’s birthday today so I decided to go have lunch with Bear Baby at USC and grab some cupcakes.

Both Bear Baby and I haven’t been to Lemonade so we thought it would be a good idea to try it out.

I’ve seen many people post on their #ig and #fb eating at Lemonade but I never had any interest to try.

First, I don’t like lemonades so eating at a place with that name just didn’t make sense. I assumed that was what they were known for, lemonades. Didn’t interest me.

Located inside the Ronald Tutor center, it was a packed house.

If I had known it was an assembly line to get food, I would’ve opted for something else.

I felt like I was in a cafeteria. I didn’t know how to order and how their food tasted, although it all looked very fresh and yummy.

I ordered one order of the pineapple chicken, one order of the quinoa with arugula, one order of rice, some avocado thing and cauliflower and chicken chili. (Not all for me, there were three of us).

My co-worker who joined me said everything was bland. She had the cauliflower, chili and avocado mash. I tasted it, it was ok.

I had the quinoa with arugula. It tasted just how it sounds, quinoa and arugula. I have yet to ask Bear Baby how his pineapple chicken and rice was… I’m sure I’ll find out later.

I also got a dozen cupcakes, variety of chocolate, red velvet and strawberry.

We also got an Arnold Palmer, Iced Tea and a Blood Orange Lemonade. Guess which was mine. :P

No, not the Iced Tea, it was the Blood Orange. I figured it would be the least lemonade tasting out of the lemonade options.

I actually enjoyed the beverage. It wasn’t too sweet or sour and the color was pretty. It was the color of a grapefruit. :)

Now the real question, will I ever go back to Lemonade?

Probably not. It’s not really my cup of tea.

The cafeteria style really bothers me, and so does the blandness in food.

I’m good. NEXT!