@PizzaHut #CheatMeal

I wanted pizza so I got pizza. I craved it very much and it wasn’t good. But hey! I still ate three slices!

Hawaiian with bell peppers and onions!

Ranch on the side with jalapeños!

Oh and red pepper flakes.

The crust wasn’t as greasy as I remembered #PizzaHut to be! IMG_6775.JPG





@LKSDdowney #MakeTheTrip

Cauliflower Buffalo, AmazeBalls, Chicken and Waffle sliders.

I really don’t do sweet and savory. Actually, I really hate sweet and savory. For example, bacon maple donuts, bacon chocolate… you get my point

The only place I can eat, willingly, sweet and savory is here.

Their chicken and waffle sliders are so tasty, it makes me not care about being skinny.

I want to eat every bite and lick the plate when I’m done.

The perfect complement to this dish is the Cauliflower Buffalo. I dislike cauliflower because it has no taste and it’s white. With the buffalo sauce it’s edible and semi healthy!

Make sure you check out Downey’s gem:

Lock & Key Social Drinkery
Address: 11033 Downey Ave, Downey, CA 90241
Phone:(562) 822-8281





So good!

I know it looks like rabbit food but it was pretty amazing. The key is to heat the chicken. I hate foods that are cold that are meant to be warm.

Arugula, chicken, avocado, salsa.

Not as amazing as the burger earlier in the day, but a different kind of amazing.